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Scholarships endeavors to serve the educational community at large by offering free and reduced-cost tutoring services to students who would otherwise not have access to individualized instruction.

Subjects Currently Available for Scholarships


This four-section, 230 question, 8 hour exam is required for a successful application to most US medical schools. 


This fast-paced,100 question logic battery is the primary exam accepted by US law schools.


This math and verbal reasoning exam is accepted for a broad variety of graduate programs, and some law schools.

About the Scholarship considers financial need as the primary qualifier for scholarship consideration. Students are required to submit documentation of financial need as part of their application. Students will also have an opportunity to submit a short personal statement.

Upon review, students will be sent a letter via email regarding the status of their application and the terms of their award, as applicable, within 14 days of submission. Scholarship awardees are subject to the same terms and conditions as all clients. Applications will be considered in the order in which they are received.

The goal of the program is to provide:

  • 10 hours free tutoring to one LSAT student

  • 10 hours free tutoring to one MCAT student

  • 10 hours free tutoring to one GRE student

  • Reduced price tutoring (scaled based on demonstrated need) to as many of the remaining applicants as possible.

The Application Deadline for Summer 2023 is: July 1, 2023.

- Summer 2023 Tutoring Scholarship - 


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