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“By far the greatest tutor, especially for math. I learned more from him in 30 hours than I did in most of my math classes. I took the GRE for the second time after studying with him for about 2 months and I improved my score by 6 points. He explained well and made me feel confident in my ability to solve the problems without his help by the end of our sessions. If I chose to take the GRE again, I would absolutely use him again as a tutor. He is knowledgeable about the topics and teaches strategies specific to the test. He was always on time, communicated well, and is incredibly friendly. I would never claim math to be fun, but I didn’t dread our lessons like I thought I would’ve because he made it so engaging.”
“This review applies to all of my tutoring sessions I had with Isaac Burkholz. He was the tutor I was looking for. He taught me how to solve quantitative questions quickly, efficiently, and using the calculator as little on the GRE as possible. In addition to practice problems which are similar to the real questions, he provides drills so as to teach every aspect relevant to the examinations. For the Quantitative section of the GRE, I would recommend Isaac any day.”
“He is knowledgeable about not only math, but also the test. Very helpful!”
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