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“Isaac is a great tutor. He has an incredible amount of patience, and a way of explaining complicated problems that makes learning fun. I have a limited amount of knowledge when it comes to algebra and calculus. Isaac was able to coach me through a difficult Water Resource Economics course that had a significant amount of applied calculus involved. Not only did I pass the class, I received an A! I highly recommend Isaac as a tutor for any age or level of student.”
“Isaac is the best tutor I have very had!
I am a sophomore in college who is not good at math. I had to take Calculus I Business and Social Sciences (I am a business major.) I was able to make A’s and B’s on my tests. I had four tests and homework assignments that contributed to my grade. I didn’t take pre-calc or any math since my senior year of high school. Isaac helped me make an A in my class and was able to help me understand math! He is the best, and I recommend him to anyone looking for a tutor!”
“Isaac has been an incredible tutor! My son needed help with AP Physics and AP Calculus and finding a tutor who could help with these subjects proved challenging. Isaac guided my son to find the answers and has been a God-send during the current stay at home order. We will definitely be requesting him again if needed!”
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