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Isaac Burkholz, Professional Sidekick for Future Superheroes is owned and operated by one very smart guy in Las Vegas, Nevada. You know that you'll always get the best tutor available because... there's only one.

Isaac demonstrated high academic potential from an early age. By the end of his junior year in high school he had become a National Merit Scholar and achieved 5’s and 4’s on the AP Calculus, AP Statistics, and AP Physics exams, scoring in the 98th percentile on his SATs with a perfect score in the Math section. He attended summer college courses at Stanford University and Brown University, as well as additional classes at the local community college during the school year. By the time he matriculated to the University of Southern California with a scholarship, he had enough college credits to be considered for junior standing.


While majoring in Neuroscience, Isaac worked for two years in a research lab studying songbirds and their acquisition of vocal motor skills as fledglings. This began to give dimension to his inquiry about how children learn. During college, Isaac also maintained a part time job tutoring high school students in a variety of subjects, serving client families all over Los Angeles County.


Isaac graduated with a 3.5 GPA and achieved a 94th percentile score on the MCAT. Despite this, Isaac opted not to apply to medical school following graduation and instead took a job teaching high school math and science at an alternative school in Colorado. Over the next few years Isaac switched emphases to law, obtaining a certificate in Paralegal Studies and working for the Public Administrator of Colorado’s most populous county. Isaac scored in the 94th percentile on his LSAT diagnostics, but again declined to pursue a professional degree.


In 2018 Isaac moved to Las Vegas and a few months later was offered part time work tutoring math and science for adult students. This quickly evolved into a full-time occupation, and since the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year Isaac has devoted the majority of his working hours to online direct instruction. In that time, Isaac has served over 200 clients in five time zones, the majority of them high school and college students, soliciting over 50 positive reviews.


Isaac continues to expand his course offerings by engaging in independent study and endeavors to improve his methods by seeking out reputable sources on adult learning methodology. As of Summer 2022, Isaac has taken an Adolescent Psychology course online in anticipation of applying to Educational Psychology PhD programs.


When not totally focused on professional development, Isaac enjoys listening to audiobooks and psychology podcasts, watching movie reviews on YouTube, and practicing pencil and ink illustration. Isaac is also a participant in and patron of local community arts groups in the Las Vegas Valley.


Unlocking the Superpowers of Future Superheroes

It is the mission of to help parents raise excellent adults, and to help self-motivated youth and adults deliver on their potential. Isaac’s philosophy of individual instruction focuses on these main tenants:

  • Confident adults are happy, self-actualizing adults

  • Confidence arises from competence

  • Competence arises from deep comprehension

  • Comprehension requires critical thinking

  • Critical thinking is a teachable skill

By meeting the student where they are in their developmental and academic trajectory and providing appropriate challenges for advancement and constructive feedback, Isaac leverages individual instruction as a unique opportunity to improve both academic outcomes and personal development that will help his students achieve their best outcomes their whole life long.


Important Legal Information

Score guarantees are neither expressed nor implied.

All cancellations require 24 hours notice, else they will be charged at the full price of the session.

While I may recommend various resources to help you improve, does not endorse any particular resource outlet and does not receive benefits from any recommendations made. 


How we handle your information

Information collected on this site is used for the sole purpose of soliciting academic tutoring clients for Information is shared with our service providers for operational use only.

Client information is never sold to third parties.

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